A best-in-class global workforce planning solution

Our global logistics platform was designed to deliver on the industry’s long-awaited promise of a truly end-to-end process for moving your workforce, giving you peace of mind that both your people and your business are protected.


Our mission & purpose

We’re driven by our passion for bringing order, simplicity and transparency to workforce logistics. We exist to define solutions for resiliency and security to support businesses like yours.


Our values

We are focused on ideas that define the future of our industry, including the importance of thinking differently to adjust to our changing world. 

1. Get it right
We strive for excellence every day, in every interaction, by every member of our team.

2. Embrace diverse perspectives
We seek out different viewpoints and recognize their value.

3. Gather experts
We are selective in choosing team members who truly add value to our business and for our clients.

4. Challenge the status quo
We remain inquisitive to inspire innovation.

5. Embody partnership
We form partnerships based on integrity, respect, common values, fairness and accountability that bring long-term success for all.

Meet our people management & logistics experts

Get to know our team of experts, who bring significant experience in supply chain industries, travel management and technology.

Trobexis breaks down silos by creating partnerships and integrating solutions

Do you believe silos – even long-standing ones – can be demolished? Are you ready to partner with us to help tear them down? 

Trobexis is with you, around  the globe.