Door-to-deck 24/7/365 support for marine logistics

The sea and the world are constantly changing; you need answers and support quickly and through a single platform.


Benefits for marine customers

Seafarers are a special group. With years of training, constant certification updates, ever-changing port regulations and the uncertainty of schedule changes, they need to be in the know, now more than ever. Trobexis provides a single source of truth for every aspect of your seafarers’ mobilization and onboard stay -- and enables you to communicate with them quickly and efficiently. Last-minute port changes often require meet-and-greet, ground logistics and commercial travel changes, too. Trobexis can manage it all.

Single integrated global solution

Our global solution provides end-to-end visibility for your unique and intricate marine logistics personnel mobilization needs, including validation and compliance management, induction process and qualification, complete journey management, scheduling and proactive visibility to your entire crew from a single platform.


Constant change is just part of the marine industry. Keeping up with your seafarers compliance, certifications and inductions is essential. Trobexis ensures you have  complete and reliable information to give you the confidence that you’re mobilizing the right people.  


Mariners face incredible challenges just getting to and from their jobs, and they need to know you’re there to support and protect them. Trobexis integrates with every aspect of the journey to provide you visibility to their entire mobilization in a single itinerary with ground, commercial air, meet-and-greet, onboarding, muster station and lifeboat assignments, billeting, medical requirements and more.


Marine organizations need visibility and transparency to manage their operations. Trobexis allows you to create customized manifests, boarding and cargo management and integration with your maritime solution providers to drive an efficient mobilization process for marine logistics.


The cost of mariner mobilization has always been of the utmost importance to marine organizations. Trobexis maximizes savings at every step of the journey. Change is constant, but you’ll be able to see the entire mobilization from a single view and make changes, saving you time and ensuring no aspect of the journey is missed. What’s more, Trobexis is able to use marine fares to help save you money on commercial flights.


Establishing, supporting and maintaining a great crew is always a top priority for a great organization. Providing your seafarers with a better mobilization experience can help you keep that great crew and source new talent. From a consolidated full journey itinerary to expanded duty of care to self service and mobile access, your seafarers benefit from a true door-to-deck experience.

Trobexis breaks down silos by creating partnerships and integrating solutions

Do you believe silos – even long-standing ones – can be demolished? Are you ready to partner with us to help tear them down? 

Trobexis is with you, around  the globe.