Building a sustainable future

You’re changing the way people view the energy industry. Let Trobexis change the way you manage your workforce logistics for a bright new future.


Promoting growth in green

Whether you’re operating in wind or solar, onshore or offshore, the renewables industry is here to stay – and growing. Like many energy companies, you need expert planning, personnel mobilization, safety and security and documentation. But you also have your own unique set of needs. Trobexis is laser focused on every detail and every resource to help digitize and automate your organizations’ operational efficiency and safety.   

Scalability and accessibility

Our cloud-based solution provides scalability and delivers new insights to drive business decisions. Our end-to-end data flows from planning to mobilization to visibility across the supply chain to close-out, including cost management. We provide access for your entire organization, contractors, suppliers, medical services and more to create a single source of truth for every mobilization -- and promote resource and fleet optimization.  

Business productivity

Trobexis delivers integrated forecasting and planning, allowing your logistics team to respond to business service needs in a timely manner. What’s more, on-time delivery increases hands-on-tool time and boosts productivity. Trobexis can also integrate with your 3PL/4PL procurement solutions to help maximize just-in-time (JIT) methodology to drive additional efficiency and productivity.


The mining industry is focused on digitization and optimizing technologies to drive efficiencies, savings and utilization of every aspect of their programs as companies seek to operate as cost-efficiently as possible. Trobexis brings direct, identifiable and measurable savings in a proactive solution. By integrating demand and supply and improving utilization of logistics resources, Trobexis helps you optimize transportation and reduces OPEX. And, by partnering with a leading provider of the new market standard, you’ll reduce IT costs.


Trobexis helps keep your people safe and secure and improves your emergency response time, providing your organization a complete line of sight for all of your mobilizations and integrating with your fleet mobilization and other duty of care technologies. By optimizing trips and removing non-productive ones, Trobexis reduces workforce exposure hours. And near-real-time tracking and integration to emergency response means you’re keeping your workforce safer.

Workforce experience

Making the journey to and from work as easy and seamless as possible is key to building a strong workforce for your future. Whether your workforce is drive in drive out (DIDO) or fly in fly out (FIFO), Trobexis provides a single consolidated itinerary they can access from their mobile devices, giving the information they need at their fingertips.


Our platform helps you ensure and track compliance with HSE and your company policies. By integrating with your systems, Trobexis ensures you can rest easy knowing that the right people are in the right place at the right time and approved to be on the job.  

Trobexis breaks down silos by creating partnerships and integrating solutions

Do you believe silos – even long-standing ones – can be demolished? Are you ready to partner with us to help tear them down? 

Trobexis is with you, around  the globe.