An integrated global workforce management software solution

Our single global platform connects workforce logistics demand to operational execution


Workforce Planning

A trip begins long before your travelers embark on their journeys. An integrated workforce management software solution needs to help you plan your mobilizations flawlessly. 

Demand capture

By bringing together every aspect of workforce management, we help you unlock new opportunities for optimization.

Supply planning

SaaS brings down the total cost of ownership by eliminating IT overhead, offering you a scalable, accessible solution. 

Project scheduling

The platform was designed and made by a team with experience across logistics and technology who understands your industry and needs.



Accurate profiles not only ensure your travelers' needs and preferences are reflected; they help keep your business compliant with the many requirements your teams juggle every day.

Employee profiles

Trobexis can eliminate the time-consuming process of building traveler profiles by pulling existing employee profiles from your corporate ERP systems, either through an upload or through system integration. 

Contractor profiles

It’s a real process to establish contractor profiles, but Trobexis makes it easier, as your contractor profiles can be loaded through an uploading exercise or system integration.


Trobexis can help you establish an onboarding process and ensure you have the required certificates by linking certificates and qualifications to job title (e.g. bus driver, electrician), operating sites (e.g. onshore, offshore), region or country -- and they can be listed as mandatory or optional.


Validation & Compliance

In a highly regulated industry, you need an automated process to make sure your workforce has the certificates and documents needed to comply with your policy before travel is even booked. 

Site & country specific

Each of your worksites or regions of the world may have unique requirements. Trobexis is able to create unique instances of the SaaS solution to accommodate these specific needs while providing a global workforce management software solution for our customers.

Workflow approval

Trobexis helps you manage approvals, including allowing you to set up approval groups and delegations. 

Business rules

Trobexis can be configured to use your business rules to manage compliance across the spectrum. 


Trobexis helps keep your people safe and secure and improves your emergency response time, providing your organization a complete line of sight for all of your mobilizations and integrating with your fleet mobilization and other duty of care technologies -- onshore and off. Trobexis reduces workforce exposure hours by optimizing trips and removing non-productive ones. And near-real-time tracking and integration to emergency response means you’re keeping your workforce safer.


Mobilization & Journey Management

It’s essential that you ensure the safety of your workforce across every element of the trip -- from before it begins and extending through their stay and safe return home. 

Travel request

A travel request can be initiated by a traveler or a travel arranger, for an individual or a crew. Every mode of transportation and accommodation type is included in the end-to-end journey can be added in one request. Trobexis also offers a travel booking template to simplify the travel request process for commonly repeated trips.

Accommodation on and offshore

Trobexis supports your accommodation planning, no matter the type, allowing you to manage reservations, arrivals/departures and room status.

Ground transportation

Trobexis provides a single itinerary with detailed instructions for each step of your peoples’ journeys, including all ground movements, and gives you detailed data about your land transport operations to help you make proactive decisions to support your business. What’s more, our app offers mobile ground logistics booking, making the process even easier and more transparent.

Marine transportation

Trobexis provides door-to-deck visibility for your marine personnel mobilization needs, including validation and compliance management, induction process and qualification, scheduling and proactive visibility to your entire crew.

Heavy vehicle and equipment

Our equipment administration module offers the function to create heavy equipment pools as an additional booking request channel for users.

Commercial travel

Trobexis can help you manage check-in, boarding and manifesting via integration with commercial airlines.


POB Management

Workers at remote operating locations are exposed to different levels of safety hazards, which means you need to have a full view of personnel on board (POB) at any given time -- and you need to maintain the right number of workers at an operating site to help keep your people and operations safe. 

Real-time people tracking

You need to be able to locate your travelers quickly if an emergency arises. Trobexis can read location data from other tracking systems, combining this with POB records, to ensure you can always find your people, no matter where they’re located.

Mustering locations

In an emergency, each muster point should have the allocated number of personnel. Trobexis ensures you -- and your travelers -- know their muster location.

Planned evacuation management

Your Emergency Response team can rely on our global workforce management software solution in a crisis. Trobexis combines workforce logistics data like location tracking, POB, muster point and more to support evacuations. 

Meet and greet

Trobexis integrates meet-and-greet services into a single itinerary to ensure you and your travelers have immediate access to this service that’s essential to your ability to care for certain travelers or workforce traveling to high-risk locations.


Finance & Reporting

Your data is valuable. Trobexis helps you use that data and draw insights from it to make better decisions for your business, your logistics and your people.

KPI reporting

Trobexis supports your logistics function and business with reporting on transactions, utilization, skills and certifications, man-days, evacuation lists and more to help you review the performance of various KPIs, including transport modes, travel booking and approval transactions and logistics asset utilization. 

Dashboards & analytics

Our cloud-based digital platform allows you to view logistics worker, and POB dashboards as well as analytics to help you identify key trends and opportunities for continuous improvement.


Community Platform Management

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End-to-end optimisation

By bringing together every aspect of workforce management, we help you unlock new opportunities for optimization.

SaaS platform

SaaS brings down the total cost of ownership by eliminating IT overhead, offering you a scalable, accessible solution. 

Built by experts

The platform was designed and made by a team with experience across logistics and technology who understands your industry and needs.


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