Trobexis & Amadeus: Mobilizing workforce across Energy, Resource and Marine sectors

Jonathon Tilsley
5 Minutes

Operating in a global environment, shipping and energy companies are directly impacted by the smallest to the largest market trend. Though volatility has always been a challenging element of the oil and gas sector, it has rarely been more extreme than it is today with COVID-19’s dramatic impact on global economies. End-to-end integrated technologies have become essential for travel companies that help Energy, Resources and Marine sectors handle the task of safely getting crews, engineers and technicians to ships, rigs and their homes - on time, anywhere in the world.

Business travel in these sectors implies going to remote places where flights normally don’t operate, and transport modes are off-beat - helicopters, vessels and trucks. Our job is to move the workforce of oil and gas companies around the world by providing them with an end-to-end logistics management solution that includes commercial travel possibilities.

We’ve harnessed over 50 years of experience around Energy, Resource and Marine sectors and understood the challenges they struggle with – managing workforce seamlessly. We wanted to address these challenges which range from nonuniformity of enterprise systems, low visibility around the health and safety environment, emergency and evacuation management to lack of mobilization and journey management, transparency, companywide compliance and lack of proactive data driven decisions. As a solution, we developed the TrobexisOne tool.

Born as a software-as-a-service cloud solution, TrobexisOne brings end-to-end platform capabilities for onshore and offshore asset management. Oil and gas companies can therefore seamlessly manage the needs of their workforce, ranging from planning, scheduling, mobilization and journey management to billing and payment reconciliation. In order to provide the ‘best in breed’ booking solutions for the energy and resource sectors our customers were demanding, we partnered with Amadeus and integrated cytric Travel module in our TrobexisOne workforce management solution.

Embedded within the TrobexisOne solution, Amadeus cytric Travel is a self-booking tool for companies to book commercial travel seamlessly. The workforce can book and receive a single itinerary with all trip sources providing full visibility, a duty of care and compliance for all logistic moves. It also offers an optimized content mix and specific content, like helicopters and charter flights, marine and offshore vessel content, as well as inventory management and utilization optimization. What the traveler gets is a combined itinerary, a true end-to-end travel and accommodation booking process, and full visibility across every area of the mobilization process. The energy, resource and marine companies benefit from reduced labor and travel management costs, and increased efficiency and automation thanks to fully integrated and centralized technology – versus multiple and fragmented solutions.

With Amadeus and TrobexisOne in the forefront, our end-goal is to create smarter business journeys for the Energy, Resource and Marine sectors whilst we navigate COVID-19 and prepare for the future. To further that goal, we are working on a mobile application that is slated for launch later this year. It will give travelers access to all their itineraries and information, with cytric as an integral part.


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